artist and adventurer

I am an artist from Berlin traveling around the world.

I paint, make digital art and use photography and video for new images and collages. Here’s my Manifesto ! 


Rare digital Crypto Art , NFTs and Collectibles

‘German expressionism meets Internet meets NFTs, Conspiracies and Adventures.’ on CryptoCubCulture

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Self portrait Me vs Me – About the eternal struggle with myself on


Armed men attack TV tower in Kabul – a poem while watching the news

Armed men attack TV tower in Kabul
tick tick chak chak
Dust lugs and gravel sprayers
ricochets, turban shreds
sovereignty of interpretation

Rubber burns
The transmission flickers
The cleaners are allowed to leave the building
A suicide bomber blows up at the entrance

Blinding grenades crash through plasterboard
Glass splinters hissing in calves and cheeks,
The speaker moves the tie knot into place

At least some of my colleagues were killed.
There are supposed to be three more assailants on the compound.

If the program is just as mendacious as ours, you can understand it well.




Kyber Pass

Transform life

into digits



an eye brow


a foal

dirty snow

the pain in your heart into

random numbers

how does that feel

to reshape

a smile from digits

a bone 3000 years old

printing memories to plastic 3d


missing data

the tectonic fissures

of Kyber Pass


crypto cyberspace control

With the new cyberspaces expanding into true global decentralization, blockchains transferring sensible cryptographic data and values, privacy and oversight get into new epic fights. Governmental, corporate and individual interests are often contradicting and the understanding of which actor does what in who’s interest becomes more and more vague and speculative. It’s about power and money and who can control the data and information streams.


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