Tschak Tschak Tschak
Hiss hiss hiss
Target sight

Put Put Put
Bitcoin now
Tick, tick, tick
I change

Kill Kill Kill
veg veg veg

Temporary victory
in a headquarter
Zil Zil Zil
Engine block

Comrade Stalin 2
distributes candies
to the crying children
dear dear

Themselves to blame
when they’re so stupid
to analyze
the enemy propaganda

No way
is also a road
203 km
are nothing

Class struggle
tut tut tut
I-phone app
beep beep beep

Where is the problem
Any resistance
is eliminated very efficiently
using intelligent viruses

The potato app ordered
40 kg smelly tubers
without asking
zag zag zag

We had to do that
Believe us
There was no other way out

The pineapple is up and the cigarettes, the coffee, the gasoline and the cotton wool, the ear drops – help!
Tomorrow we will be happy to deliver fresh cartridges, skins, a diesel generator, flashlights, antennas and axes.
The children have to be at home when it gets dark!
Nobody is allowed to leave the valley without the written permission of the authority.
The Central Committee of the Last Free Lesgines.

Drawn, 2017, Samur

(The Samur is a river in Dagestan, home to various people of Rutuls, Lezgians and others.)